Waterproofing Work
We apply our advanced technical abilities to a variety of construction techniques. We take pride in our extensive track record of successful waterproofing work to protect our clients' buildings.
Our techniques include super quick-curing urethane liquid-applied membrane waterproofing and vinyl chloride type waterproofing sheets.
By proposing the optimal technique for each site and each client's needs, we have established an extensive track record of successful waterproofing work.
Improved durability provides long-lasting protection for these buildings.
  • Super Quick-Curing Urethane Waterproofing System
    Dry to the touch in about 20 seconds from spray application, compatible with various configurations and applications
    Dry to the touch in about 20 seconds from spray application and cured in about 3 minutes, this urethane liquid-applied membrane waterproofing layer offers excellent physical properties.
    It is compatible with a variety of configurations and applications. A mechanized control system facilitates excellent installation accuracy.
    A variety of JIS A 6021 Waterproofing and Roof Substrates
    We are able to provide 10-year warranty for waterproofing work with a variety of substrates.
    This technique can also be used in conjunction with other substrates, or in new construction.
    Super Quick-Curing Urethane Waterproofing "GET System"
    Versatile, Economical, and Reliable Waterproofing System
    This waterproofing system utilizes compressed air to micro-particulate super quick-curing urethane, which is formed into the waterproofing membrane via multiple collisional mixing.
    This provides a membrane twice the thickness of conventional super quick-curing urethane, accomplishing weight reduction (decreased specific gravity). Combining economic efficiency and reliability, this versatile method may be deployed in a variety of fields.
    High coating performance suppresses pin-sized hole generation and allows installation without surface smoothing.
    Cushioning characteristics provide superior sound insulation performance compared to conventional urethane and sheet waterproofing.
    Further heat insulation effectiveness can be obtained by combining with a high-reflectance top coating.
    A variety of JIS A 6021 Waterproofing and Roof Substrates
    We are able to provide 10-year warranty for waterproofing work with a variety of substrates.
    This technique can also be used in conjunction with other substrates, or in new construction.
    External Thermal Insulation Waterproofing Technique
    Insulation, Waterproofing, and Building Frame Protection for Cold Climates
    This external insulation method maximizes thermal insulation, waterproofing, and building frame protection characteristics via installation of polymer-modified asphalt sheets over each insulation panel to create a high-performance, polyurethane waterproofing membrane.
    Fire Protection - Certification Number DR-0179
    Installing the insulation on the exterior surface of the building frame concrete protects the frame from solar impact. By reducing temperature change, we successfully control expansion and contraction of the concrete.
    Maintainable insulation effectiveness improves air conditioning efficiency. This provides a comfortable indoor environment and saves costs.
    The polymer-modified asphalt sheet's shock-absorbing properties prevent bulging and tearing when water vapor is discharged through a ventilator.
    Urethane-Metal Composite Waterproofing Technique
    Versatile "Urethane+Metal" Composite, Compatible with all types of Substrates
    The "urethane + metal" composite waterproofing technique is implemented by spraying super quick-curing urethane uniformly over factory formed metal plates that are fixed to the substrate by anchors.
    This is compatible with all types of substrates, and minimizes substrate preparation and repair/removal work, facilitating shorter work times.
    A mechanized system controls all spray applications of the super quick-curing urethane, facilitating uniform, highly accurate coating.
    Excellent wind resistance, impact resistance, soundproofing effect, and seismic performance.
    An ideal external insulation technique, when combined with materials such insulation boards and heat insulation coating.
    Urethane System Quick-Curing Deck Slab Waterproofing System
    Waterproofing to Extend Service Life of Road Deck Slabs
    This high-performance deck slab waterproofing system utilizes a highly-constructable waterproofing material with long-lasting durability and weather resistance to extend the service life of road deck slabs.
    Spray-applied polyurethane installation facilitates formation of a seamless waterproofing layer over bridge top surfaces, eliminating the occurrence of harmful blistering to prevent degradation to waterproofing and pavement performance.
    Excellent durability and weathering resistance
    Solventless installation is environmentally, with short curing times.
    It withstands even machine overlay operations, making this method an ideal choice for road maintenance and preservation.
    Underground Structure Seamless Waterproofing
    Overcomes various underground environment conditions for highly effective waterproofing and protection
    High-polymer urethane rubber coating technology provides a high-performance coating for the building frame. This external waterproofing technique overcomes various conditions specific to underground environments that pose major obstacles to conventional waterproofing techniques. This process results in highly reliable waterproofing and protective effects.
    Economical method to reduce construction times and costs.
    Seamless integral waterproofing is formed by super quick-curing spray application. With secure, reliable bonding to irregular configurations, this method excels in durability.
    The machine-controlled installation system feeds a constant amount of material, achieving uniform, high-quality coating properties unaffected by work environment conditions such as ambient temperature.
    Open Channel Service Life Extension
    Excellent Durability for Extended Open Channel Service Life
    This open channel service life extension technique utilizes super quick-curing polyurethane resin, offering expected weatherability and durability of 30 years or more.
    Curing in a matter of seconds, this material offers excellent workability.
    Roughness coefficient improvement of about 30% can be expected.
    Surface treatment operations will be minimized during the next repair cycle, leading to significant cost savings.
    Sheet Waterproofing
    We offer sheet waterproofing applications ideal for environmental compliance and various improvement work.
    This "high-performance, high-quality, and high-functionality" waterproofing system is compatible with substrates of any type. No substrate surface preparation is required, allowing cost reduction and shorter construction schedules.
    This system also offers fireproof and fire retardant properties to provide the building protection, as well as high thermal insulating and heat barrier properties to reduce the overall heat load on the building and save energy.
    For more information, please feel free to contact us.
    The high thermal insulating and heat barrier (high reflectivity) properties of our sheet waterproofing method achieve year-round air conditioning and other energy savings, improved habitability such as condensation prevention, and building protective effects. This technique also features fire resistance and fire-retardant properties.
    The mechanical anchoring technique allows improvement work without altering the existing waterproofing layer, which significantly reduces labor hours and surface preparation costs. Its high wind resistance also provides adequate anchoring strength.
  • Re-roofing System
    Fukutaka’s “re-roofing system” specialized plant roof improvement technique provides excellent waterproofing, reinforcement, and insulation.
    Fukutaka’s re-roofing system is a specialized roof improvement technique, which combines a special insulating and reinforcing layer with super-quick curing urethane and a heat-shielding topcoat, achieving effective waterproofing & reinforcement together with effective heat-shielding and insulation. This system provides lasting protection against rain leaks and roof collapse for critical manufacturing facilities and manufacturing lines, while generating cooling cost savings.
    Double reinforcement for true peace of mind.
    Our re-roofing system utilizes an insulating layer with excellent strength and super-quick curing urethane to provide excellent reinforcement effectiveness.
    Prevent Manufacturing Shutdowns caused by Rainwater Leaks
    Our waterproof coating prevents manufacturing shutdowns caused by rainwater leaks.
    For any production facility, the shutdown of an assembly line is a critical event which is certain to decrease profitability. One cause of such shutdowns is leaking rainwater. Fukutaka’s re-roofing system prevents rainwater leaks by employing a thick-film coating of a JIS-approved (JISA6021: Architectural Waterproof Coating Material) waterproofing material to thoroughly guard against the causes of such leaks, including deterioration around hook bolts, slate cracks, damage from flying items, and corrosion of metal roofs.
    Reduce Repair Costs by Extending Roof Service Life
    Control slate roof deterioration via a reinforcing insulating waterproof layer.
    Slate roofs are prone to deterioration from causes such as acid rain and daily solar radiation heat, and will suffer decreasing durability over time. This process will lead to increasingly frequent failures, rising spot repair costs, and necessitate increasingly frequent repair work -- a situation which will require labor to manage and maintain. Fukutaka’s re-roofing system enhances the strength of slate roofs by combining a highly-resilient insulative layer with an ultra-quick curing urethane waterproofing layer. This technique also effectively reduces causes of deterioration, contributing to extended roof service life.
    Highly Effective Insulating and Heat-Shielding Properties
    Control slate roof of deterioration via a reinforcing insulation waterproof layer
    Our re-roofing system features a double-layer structure which effectively blocks out heat by combining ultra-quick drying polyurethane with an insulating layer and a heat-shielding top coat. The insulative layer, together with the heat-shielding top coat comprised of a mixture of highly reflective materials, provide a drastic decrease in thermal solar radiation (near-infrared radiation). The result is a highly effective insulating and heat-shielding solution.
    Insulating & Heat-Shielding Effects
    Insulating and heat-shielding effects accomplished reduced indoor temperatures -- a smart way to cut summer cooling costs.
    Our re-roofing system utilizes an insulating layer and a highly-reflective topcoat to reduce heat entry from the roof. This is an effective way to reduce cooling costs over the summer season.
    Improve Work Productivity
    Even with fixed-setting air conditioning, room temperatures can be decreased to improve worker productivity.
    When subject to hot conditions, humans feel discomfort, which leads to reduced concentration and builds stress, both of which can drastically impact your productivity. Fukutaka’s re-roofing system contributes to increased productivity by reducing room temperatures to mitigate worker heat stress. Even sites which utilize fixed-setting air conditioners can benefit from this system.
    Parking Lot Surface Waterproofing Method “Powerflex”
    The Revolutionary “Powerflex” Parking Lot Surface Waterproofing Method
    Durable and economical, “Powerflex” marks a new innovation for parking lot surface waterproofing methods.
    Providing functionality to match the requirements of various purposes of parking lots, “Powerflex” can be implemented utilizing optimized construction methods, achieving durable and economical results.
    Powelex achieves a high-quality, light-weight exposed parking lot waterproofing layer
    Powelex employs a high-performance, high-strength resin to achieve a hard, light-weight waterproof floor for exposed parking lots. This system provides a durable and economical solution.
    Built by highly-experienced parking lot waterproofing experts
    Construction is carried out by our highly-experienced teams of parking lot waterproofing experts. This high-quality, efficient construction is the key to providing high-performance waterproofing for exposed parking lots.
    Our maintenance signal system allows timely confirmation of maintenance periods due to the degree of wear of parking lot waterproofing, achieving reduced building life cycle costs
    Our maintenance signal system color-codes the anti-slip layer (maintenance signal layer) directly above the waterproof layer, allowing prompt visual confirmation of wear to the surface layer which may decrease performance. This facilitates well-timed maintenance before such wear can lead to decreased waterproofing performance and increased maintenance costs. The result is an effective reduction of life cycle costs.
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