Large-Scale Repair and Improvement Work
Our comprehensive technical knowledge spans investigation / diagnosis, construction, and warranty service, ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied with every step of the way.
In our increasingly environmentally-conscious society, there is a rising demand to retain long-lasting value while maintaining buildings with safety, security, and comfort in mind. Fukutaka Industries leverages the superior techniques and experience amassed during over 50 years of business to enhance the value of properties such as office buildings and condominiums, delivering large-scale repair and improvement work to extend the service life of these assets. If you are planning a large-scale repair or improvement project, please get in touch for a consultation.
  • Proper Investigation and Diagnosis is the Key to Enhancing Building Value
    In order to preserve building value, routine maintenance, together with periodic investigation and inspection are essential to maximize building service life, safety, and comfort.
    Appropriate implementation of building investigation and diagnosis is a critical step in successful improvement work.
    Leaving a building in a degraded state, or with compromised structural integrity, will result in rising improvement costs.
    As professionals, our goal is to sincerely understand each client's building-related needs, and deliver ideal solutions.
    ※ Penalties of up to one million yen may apply if mandatory periodic reports are omitted or falsified (Article 101 Paragraph 1 Item 2 of the Building Standards Act)
    Japan's Building Standards Act requires that periodic investigation reports are prepared for specific types of buildings.
    Schools and gymnasiums
    Hospitals, medical offices, old-age homes, or child welfare buildings stipulated in Article 19, Paragraph 0 of the Building Standards Act Enforcement Ordinance.
    Theaters, movie theaters, entertainment halls, pavilions (excluding outdoor pavilions), public assembly halls, or assembly facilities.
    Inns or hotels
    Boarding houses, corporative houses or dormitories
    Bowling alleys, ski sites, skate-rinks, swimming places, or athletic training facilities
    Offices and other similar places
    Reported three year
    Cabarets, cafes, night clubs, bars, dance halls, game houses, public baths, lounges, restaurants, or dining places, etc.
    Department stores, retail premises (sale of goods)
    Underground shopping arcades
    Reported every year
    Avoid Trouble by Selecting a Reliable Service Vendor
    When implementing improvement work, vendor selection is of paramount importance. Improvement work poses greater technical challenges than new construction, and selecting a highly-experienced vendor with proven reliability will prevent additional work, accidents, and trouble down the line.
    Caution should be exercised when vendors:
    Lack technical skills to perform investigation and diagnosis, or are unable to present an improvement plan based on a proper diagnosis report
    Focus their proposals solely on low construction costs
    Provide improvement work limited in scope to ad-hoc, superficial solutions
  • Uncompromising, ISO 9001-Certified Quality Control
    Rigorous and precise investigation and diagnosis are essential for improvement work to successfully restore and upgrade building value.
    Fukutaka Industries offers a well-established system of comprehensive services, beginning with building investigation and diagnosis, and spanning improvement design, improvement work, and on to warranty service.
    With ISO 9001 quality management certification, our focus is on "Quality", and our mottos are "Safety" and "Communication" throughout all stages of the construction process.
    ISO 9001: 2015 registration
    ISO 14001: 2015 registration
    ISO 45001: 2018 registration
  • Large-Scale Repair and Improvement Work Process
    Investigation and Diagnosis
    Based on investigations of building degradation status and problematic areas, we implement a comprehensive diagnosis to determine areas and extent of necessary repair or improvement.
    Improvement Design
    Based on accurate investigation and diagnosis, we select the optimal techniques and examine improvement plans. We prepare the most effective and economical improvement designs to propose to the client.
    Improvement Work
    We put the ISO 9001 quality control system into practice, and carry out work with our motto of "Safety, Quality, and Communication".
    Work Warranties and Inspections
    We establish a warranty period for each individual project. During this period, we promptly provide repair or replacement in the unlikely event of a quality issue. We also implement periodic inspections.
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